Hands of Serenity Health and Wellness Studio, LLC
Healing from the inside out

About the Practitioner

Hi my name is April Wilkinson, I studied for three years at the Center for Vital Living School of Massage Therapy and I graduated in May of 2003. I'm fully trained as a CMT, Certified Massage Therapist.  Within the next two years I plan on getting my Masters in Medical massage.  My passion is inspiring people toward complete health, wellness and prevention. 

 Some of my specialties are deep tissue and prenatal.   I became a therapist with the dream of bringing restoration to the body, balance of mind and spirit to every individual who seek help. I facilitate healing, bringing stress reduction and wellness to all I come in contact with. 

So a little more about me and my life. I like to spend time with my family, friends and church. I love to read, write,  study, and further my education as a therapist. I love helping people by going on mission trips, doing charity events, and helping my community. I love encouraging this in others making our society grow further together. Helping people is my passion, personally, socially, and spiritually. I am married, and a happy mother to both of my  children and my four step-children. I have a great supportive family who shares my beliefs. I welcome you to be a part of a new and happier lifestyle.